British Citizen

British Citizenship Application

Learn how to become a Naturalized British Citizen. A complete list of eligibility requirements for standard applicants, nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, or the spouse or civil partner of a British citizen. Form AN, citizenship application, information and required documents.

Prepare for the Citizenship Test

Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK Test (KOL) is required for all British citizenship applicants. Prepare for the Life in the UK portion with a helpful list of study topics and practice questions. See if you are required to take a language course or if you already qualify as an English speaker.

Registration as a British Citizen

Register as British Citizen. British Overseas Territory Citizen, British Nationals, born in UK, or people who have given up citizenship may be eligible. Eligibility requirements, applications form, and more information.

Copy of Naturalisation Certificate

If your Certificate of Citizenship has been lost, stolen, damaged, or contains incorrect information, you may file for a duplicate certificate.